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Tokyo City Elopement

Tokyo is an amazing city. It is hard to believe that it was once a collection of small fishing villages sitting upon a vast marshland. Yet, it has grown into one of the worlds great mega-cities. It's four times larger than London and has a population of nearly 14,000,000. The metropolitan area, which encompasses the commuter belt around the city, is home to over 37,000,000 people! However, despite these dizzying numbers, Tokyo is still the perfect place to elope! More and more couples are discovering this, and so we recently we find ourselves planning Tokyo City Elopements.

Why Elope in Tokyo?

Tokyo is a place steeped in history yet with both sophisticated AND quirky nods to the future. Regardless of your key words, intimate; romantic; discreet; modern; traditional; chic; quirky etc, Tokyo has everything. It has shrines, temples, skyscrapers, crossings, views, towers, neon lights and of course gardens. It seamlessly links the past with the present and the traditional with the modern. All these reasons, and more, mean that a Tokyo city elopement is the perfect choice for eloping couples.

Elope in Japan with the city lights in the background
Photography: Simon Bonny - ceremony and photoshoot in Odaiba, Tokyo Bay.

Whether viewed from above or at eye level, Tokyo offers some pretty stunning views! All following photos by Ross Harrison:

Tokyo City Elopement
Tokyo City as seen from a high vantage point in Shibuya

Tokyo City Elopement sights
Tokyo Skyline from Odaiba - Tokyo Bay

Tokyo Station - crazily romantic at night!

Your Day; Your Way!

Here at Serendipity Flower & Wedding, our guiding philosophy is “Your Day; Your Way”! Sure, there are always some cultural and bureaucratic hurdles to navigate, but it is our job to help you over and around these. In other words, we are here to remove the stress of planning the perfect Tokyo city elopement for you.

You might want a ceremony with a nod to the traditional or something much more modern-chic. Or a combination of both! You might want to make a day of it, or simply keep it short, freeing up more time to get the most out of your trip to Tokyo and Japan. Perhaps you want to incorporate a city tour, taking in the sights and and getting to know the city. Or perhaps you'll want a city tour on a completely separate day to the ceremony, like the couple below.

Tokyo Photo Tour - Elope in Japan
"Touristy" Photos at the famed Sensoji Temple, in Asakusa.

Taking a wander through the back streets can reveal some cool little photo spots

Tokyo Photo Tour - Elope in Japan
Odaiba by day - Just as beautiful.

How does it work?

There are a number of ways to do this, each as different as each couple.

  • You tell us what you want to include and we will recommend places we know, and scout the town for new spots and check the permit requirements.

  • We can plan in intricate detail or - permit permitting (pun intended!) - be spontaneous. Or both.

  • We can hire a private car to ferry you around to each location, or we can use public transport. Or both!

  • We can hire a hair and make up artist to meet us and join us for the day or take you to one of the many local salons at the start of the day.

  • We can incorporate a garden ceremony then do the city tour.

  • We can do the city tour and then a garden ceremony

  • We can go to a kimono studio to include the traditional, or not!

At the end of the the day, we can: drop you off at a recommended restaurant to celebrate in style; take you back to your hotel or anything that you want. The choice is yours! Due to COVID, we have not done this yet, but next year we have a few couples who will hire a driver and a photographer for the day, and see the sights of this great city.

One couple is even selecting photo-spots that were featured in their favourite anime! We can't wait!

Here’s the real kicker - it doesn’t have to be mind bogglingly expensive. As an elopement, it will cost a fraction of a full wedding, and because you don’t need to think about other people, you can focus your budget on the things that really matter to you.

Whatever your vision, we want to help. We love this city and everything it has to offer, and we love sharing it with our couples.


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