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About Serendipity

Bi-lingual husband and wife elopement planners, based in Tokyo, devoted to helping couples like you plan the perfect elopement in Japan.

Ayako Harrison

Wedding planner

Certified Travel Advisor



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Ross Harrison

Customer Relations




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Concept - Why Work with Us

Eloping in Japan is an adventure story!  It is YOUR adventure story, and we want to help you do it YOUR WAY, hence our motto: Your Day; Your Way! 


Our job is to listen to your ideas and be the project managers that pull all the pieces together.  We have the knowhow and local support network to make your story come to life.  We will clear the cultural hurdles and bridge the language gap, to ensure that your day is in fact your way.  


We, along with our local vendor network, offer everything from planning and coordination, venue scouting, design, photography, hair and make up, ceremony officiation, floral design and kimono rental.  We can even do photography, florals and officiation in-house if you want something more simple yet no less elegant.


While our personal mission is to showcase Japan, we want to do so in a way that best reflects YOU.  We do this with sincerity, authenticity, laughter and of course love.  Because at the end of the day, that is the reason you have come all this way: to celebrate your love for each other in your own inimitable way.


What we do:

  • plan elopements in Japan.

  • check locations to book the perfect venue.

  • obtain permits for ceremonies and photo-shoots.

  • pull together the vendors to bring your story to life.

  • provide the best possible cultural experiences to the few rather than a mediocre experience to the many.

  • remove the unknowns of getting married in Japan: no unknowns; no stress.  

Travel Advice

Your trip does not start and end with your elopement.  We are here to help you plan your stay, from arrival to  departure.

On a budget?

For all things  elopement  related,  we can handle  everything in house; perfect for those wanting to keep cash in reserves for the rest of their trip.

How Can We Help?

Just thinking about a Japanese elopement can be quite daunting… The language barrier, the cultural differences, unique Japanese bureaucracy … it is all quite a challenge!  Without on-the-ground assistance this can be a near-impossible feat to pull off. This is where we come in.

With Ayako’s intimate knowledge of Japan as a Japanese wedding planner and travel consultant and Ross’s customer service background both in the UK and Japan, we can make your planning experience as stress free as possible.   After all, that is another reason many people contact us!

Wedding planning is inherently stressful; too many things to think about and people to please!  But when you hire a wedding planner or elope in a far-flung destination, planners can remove that stress. 

Furthermore, with Ayako’s background as a florist and Ross’s growing photography portfolio, we can be a one-stop-shop for all things elopement. We can of course pull together larger teams for more elaborate elopement ideas, if you so choose.  The choice is yours!

Six years of wedding experience, the last three devoted exclusively to international visitors, give us the know-how to make your special day “special!”

Whether you want to get married in all out Japanese fashion or have something simple, get in touch with us and let’s start talking. We won’t let you down!

Don’t simply take our word for it, check out what our customers say over on our TripAdvisor Page!


Our Personal Mission:

You may have guessed: we are animal  lovers!


Our  dogs are our lives and we are sure that anyone who owns pets can also agree.  Ever since we got Miles in spring 2016 and Chick, by rescue, in summer 2017, we have wanted to give back.  

By  working  with us you are helping us to support local animal charities to raise awareness of rescue services for abused and abandoned pets, and animals in general.

Our Story

When we got married we didn’t know what we wanted.  However, we knew that we didn’t want to be locked into a rigid way of doing things.  We also knew that we wanted to have creative input in how the day would pan out.  But when we met with several agencies, we discovered just how inflexible they were… It was all about fitting into a story they had created, and not about creating our own.

Discouraged, we decided against any formal event. Instead, we had a home party with just a few close friends and family after getting married at the city hall.  Well, more accurately, in the basement bicycle shed!  It was a public holiday so the offices were closed.  In order to register the marriage on our chosen day we had to submit the paper work to the security entrance for the date stamp.  In the end however, it was a perfect day; a perfect story that fit who we were are as a couple.  

Because of this experience, we want to ensure that others have the flexibility to write their own stories as they see fit.  Whether it is something elaborate or simple, we want to give you a voice.

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