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Intimate Garden Elopement

This intimate garden elopement was special! The couple, from Texas, travelled to Japan for the first time, just four days after their town hall ceremony. They wanted to commit to each other in an intimate setting, for which we chose one of the most beautiful gardens in Tokyo, hidden away in a suburban area, and well off the beaten tourist path.

It was perfect!

The bride had contacted us about three months previously to inquire about the possibility of an intimate garden ceremony. We were excited to be asked and were only too happy to oblige. It had to be intimate, so no guests. They just wanted to enjoy the day without the stress of deciding who to invite and who to leave off the list. The plan was to just focus on each other and enjoy the setting and experience.

Ceremony Day

We picked them up from their hotel and escorted them to our often used kimono vendor. At the kimono studio they selected their kimonos and with the help of the friendly staff got ready for their special intimate garden elopement.

Since the couple's priority was to enjoy the experience and simply to have fun, we selected a kimono vendor who is popular with tourists. Couples can mix and match patterns and accessories. The nature of which can leave people spoilt for choice, as they experiment with different patterns and accessories. However, this couple seemed to know what they wanted and we were in and out very quickly.

We were out so quickly that we were significantly ahead of schedule. Luckily Tokyo has many spots of interest to first-timers in Japan, so we took the opportunity to take photos at one of the many small, street-side shrines. Then, it was into a taxi and on to the venue for the intimate garden elopement ceremony.

Being mid-winter, it was cold and, rarely for Tokyo, it was also very overcast! Thanks to this, there was almost no one at the garden, so we had free rein of the place. We were rather worried about how they would fare since it was so cold and kept asking them if they were warm enough in there kimonos. However, they were so excited, I don't think the cold registered with them. In fact, their excitement was so infectious that we soon forget about the cold, gloomy weather.

The ceremony, with a strong Japanese element incorporated their own personal vows and although it lasted barely 20 minutes, it will be remembered for a lifetime.

Casual Lunch

Following our time in the garden, we escorted them back to the kimono vendor, stopping off for a bite to eat and a photo or two at Shinjuku's famed Memory Lane (Omoide Yokocho). It was the perfect end to a perfect intimate garden elopement.

We wish the happy couple a lifetime of love and happiness; we hope to see you again soon!!


What did the couple say?

"This was the best part of our whole trip!

Ross and Ayako feel like long lost friends! They were very professional, on time, and great people to work with! I didn’t have to stress over my big day thanks to them! Every mistake I made with scheduling and time zone differences, they were able to fix. The venue and pictures taken were beautiful. The kimono choices were abundant.

If you are debating going here, don’t give it a second thought and just do it. I never dreamed my wedding would or could be so perfect. It all went so smoothly and stress free! They went above and beyond for us and I appreciate them and their business. I have and will always continue to recommend them to anyone wanting to have a ceremony or renewal in japan! Thank you Ross and Ayako for everything!"


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