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Bespoke Elopement in Japan

Design Something Unique

Picture yourselves standing in Nara Park, surrounded by the world famous deer, on your wedding day; or perhaps you are in a stunning private house and garden, possibly one that was once owned by a famed Samurai; maybe you are in a private part of a world heritage temple in Kyoto, standing in front of a centuries old tea-room or you are simply reading your vows to your beau with Mt. Fuji providing a stunning backdrop!

Japan is perhaps one of the best destinations for eloping couples. The natural and landscaped beauty, mountains, shrines, lakes, exotic traditions and gorgeous costumes can all give your special day a dreamy feel - sure to be memorable!

Simple elopements in off-the-beaten-path-locations are what we at Serendipity Flower and Wedding absolutely love! And with a cool and growing network of connections at stunning locations across Japan, we have got you covered!

Some ideas to get you started:

  • Ceremony at iconic old house in Kyoto’s historic

  • Secluded garden in Nara followed by photoshoot in the park with the deer and world heritage sites as a backdrop

  • Mountain top ceremony in Hakuba - snow country

  • World heritage temple garden and tea room in Kyoto

  • Mt. Fuji and one of the five lakes

  • Simple garden ceremony followed by Tokyo photo tour

  • Simple Tokyo Bay ceremony Tokyo city lights as a stunning backdrop; perhaps even on a boat!

  • Intimate old house and zen garden in Tokyo followed by dinner at a beautiful, old style restaurant with private dining

  • Get married in winter, spring, summer or fall - each season has something unique

Anyone of these ideas or many others could be yours! Perhaps you have your own vision for your special day. If so, let us know and let’s start planning. Allow us to be your eyes and ears on the ground in Japan, to bring together your ideas and introduce fresh ones to formulate the perfect elopement. We will mobilize our network to bring you the best that Japan has to offer.

Key words:

simple; romantic; intimate; secluded; adventurous; stunning; memorable; unique; exotic; mysterious; cultural; beautiful; easy; stress free; fun; travel; ceremony; photogenic; special; ethereal;

A few Japanese images to whet your appetite:

From left to right, top: Kyoto Samurai Villa; Ukimido Gazebo, Nara; Mt. Fuji, Yamanashi. Bottom: World Heritage Temple, Kyoto; Japanese Alps, Nagano; Anywhere you want us to consider.

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