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Welcome to the new website!

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

We have moved!

After residing at for a little over two years with WordPress we have made the decision to move over to this new domain: and use a Wix platform.

We could cite many technical reasons for the move, and they were plentiful! However, it all boils down to one thing and one thing only - our clients. We wanted a platform where we can do more and offer more specialized services for the fantastic couples that we have the pleasure of working with.

Thank you!

Before we get into the nitty gritty, we want to make a big shout out to all our couples who have stayed with us during this most difficult of years. Your positivity, flexibility and overall awesomeness have been a great inspiration and motivation for us to continue and keep looking forward.

Let's not kid ourselves, we have all found it hard this year, whether we are business owners or not. And trying to stay positive, when each day seems to bring increasingly negative news has been a devil of a job! But, you guys, those we have already worked with and those we are currently working with, have been incredible - from Ayako and me, thank you!

What's new?

Now, on to the big announcement!

As many of you may know, Ayako has been studying inbound travel and tourism. She has been doing this not only for her own enjoyment - she has had a lot of fun - but also because we feel it is something that was perhaps missing from our service offering.

While we are and always will be primarily in the wedding business, given that 99.99% of our clients are from overseas, it makes sense to be able to offer the best advice and consultation for before and after the big day.

It is only natural for clients to ask for recommendations and travel advice, and we are only too glad to give it. However, until now, we kind of felt that we were lacking in our knowledge of the very country we live in!

Now, we can confidently offer advice on tourist hotspots, places off the beaten path, modes of travel and even ticketing!

How does it work?

On this site there is a members' forum, which is going to be reserved for clients only. When clients sign up with us, they will receive an invite to this forum. Here, we will provide information exclusive to our clients, and being a forum, you will be able to follow and comment on certain posts; post your own ideas and meet other members of our the Serendipity Flower and Wedding community.

The best part? We will be extending invitations to all our clients, past and present so even if you have already been to Japan you will have access to all the great tips and tricks for your next trip to Japan. I mean, you ARE coming again, right?!!

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