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Tokyo Garden  Elopements


The Japanese have long been fascinated by the intersection between nature and art, and many Japanese gardens are designed not to tame nature, but to enhance it.  They are veritable oases.  Those that exist within the city will transport you away from the stress and noise of city life and into a stunning little haven, which provides the perfect space to be mindful.  


Such spaces inevitably prove ideal spots for couples to make the ultimate vow of love and commitment.  And for those of you who want something a little more low key than a Shrine Elopement, perhaps a Tokyo Garden Elopement will be the perfect plan.


They are open all year, with the exception of the New Year break. This  typically runs from around the 29th December to the 4th January.  And being a country with a temperate climate, the seasonal changes are naturally reflected in the gardens, from the multicolored floral blooms of spring, to the lush greens of summer and the changing leaves of autumn.  Even in the cold of winter, the gardens have an almost dreamy beauty to them.

Our  Garden Elopements typically  include the  following:


  • Officiant

  • In-house photography

  • On-the-day-assistance

  • Venue fee


For those  who want  something a little  more special, the following options can also be included:


  • Kimonos for bride and groom 

  • Hair and Make up 

  • Guest kimonos 

  • Professional photography

  • Professional videography



What  does a Garden Elopement Entail?

Garden Elopement ceremonies are secular by nature and are conducted in English, usually by Ross Harrison of Serendipity Flower and Wedding.  They take around 15 ~ 20 minutes, depending on the personal vows of the couples, should they choose to include them.  


A typical timeline would look like this:


10:30 - Meet at pre-arranged location

10:35 - Taxi to garden

11:00 - Ceremony

11:15 - Photoshoot  starts

12:00 - Photoshoot ends

12:05 - Taxi to prearranged drop off point

Should the couple opt to wear kimonos:

09:00 - Meet at prearranged location

09:30 - Kimono fitting at partner vendor’s studio

10:30 - Taxi to garden

11:00 - Ceremony

11:15 - Photoshoot

12:00 - Taxi back to kimono vendor’s studio

12:30 - End


These plans are perfect for  those of you who wish to keep things low key, but still mark your commitment in someway while you are out here.   They can be completed in one morning or afternoon, leaving you with the rest of the day and the trip to experience as much of Japan as possible.

Please be advised of the following, with regards to Tokyo Garden Elopements:

  • We use public gardens for these plans and we are limited to a maximum of one hour per couple in the garden - if you wish to use a private garden, please contact us and we can put together a bespoke plan for you

  • We can  only use the  gardens on  weekdays, since they get busy during the weekend with regular visitors

  • To avoid disturbing other users of the garden we need to keep the size of the wedding party to a maximum of five

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